Optimizing online payments with Prepaid Virtual Card

The Internet has become a very important part of our lives and many people are using it to make online purchases, for betting, trading and other services as well. With the NFC system even your phone could be a means of payment Although it is very convinient and handy, online shopping can hide lots of risks. If you follow a few simple steps however, you can prevent your personal information from leaking.

That is why we want to introduce you to the safe world of shopping with a Prepaid Virtual card.

By using your Virtual card you keep your funds and your bank account safe. This card is no different than the real one, except it doesn't have a physical carrier. The greatest advantage of this card is that you can load it right before making a purchase, so after you are done with the payment there will be no funds left. Another thing is the short time you need to acquire it - literally just a few minutes, because you don't need to wait for a physical carrier.

  • Find a bank in your country that supports Virtual Credit Card
  • Make sure to carefully check the Privacy Policy and Refund Policy of the online merchant.
  • Make payments with your Prepaid Virtual Card through a safe and established PSP (payment service provider).

This way you will use the protection of the PSP if there's any kind of dispute with the merchant.

Using the Virtual Credit Card guarantees the safety of your remaining funds.

  • If possible, shop from well known merchants with an established reputation.


  • Create clear and understandable clauses for your Privacy Policy and Refund Policy.

This will increase your new customers' trust in you.

  • Carefully choose your Payment service provider.

I recommend using some of the leading PSPs.

  • Introduce your clients with Prepaid Virtual card's advantages at all costs!

This will dramatically increase the sellings.